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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Treatment Centers

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Indeed, the “God” of AA is a one-dimensional, loving God, infiniely tolerant of “relapses.”

zero-tolerance commitment to permanent abstinence. Instead of rituals of moral inventories

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the "AA alternatives" all force themselves upon millions of unwilling men and women by acting as informants on people referred by courts, employers, prisons, and other social agencies.

Addiction breeds hopelessness and despair.

Recovery groups interfere with your recovery by attacking your confidence in your own ability to abstain without group support. The disease concept of addiction is the crippling idea that the act of using alcohol and other drugs is a disease symptom and not subject to moral judgment and beyond voluntary control.

Recovery groups will invariably attack your original family values and introduce new religious and psychological belief systems. This is not good for you, as you already have within you all you need to fully recover in as short a time as you like.

There is no treatment for addiction, although an entire industry is based upon the illusion that addiction is a treatable disease. Even the federal government participates in the deceptive disease/treatment concept of addiction.

Accept no one's advice to continue drinking in a "controlled" or "moderate" fashion.

This is a treatment web site ministry aimed at eliminating, destroying and conquering crackcocaine. Our rehabilitation and support formats are for the serious minded addict who has truly had enough of their crackhell. Are you willing to do what it takes to find this freedom we are talking about? The principle's of this web site ministry are simple, "We want to stop the madness of smoking crack". We believe you do not have to be in recovery for your lifetime. With this ministry, crackrecovery does become crackfreedom, forever!

We are a consistent, effective and real ministry.

We are dedicated to finding freedom from this horrible addiction, contamination and possession to those who seek true support in hopes of finding solid rehabilitation and have the kind of treatment format that will bring God's favor over your life of hell with crack and turn it into freedom forever. We are blessed to have this opportunity to conquer crack cocaine together.

We know how to stop the madness. All other types of help such as: recovery, treatment, arresting just another addiction, admitting we are powerless (which goes directly against God's word), drug rehabilitation, sponsors, meetings, fellowships, AA, CA, NA, Al-Anon, acupuncture, hypnosis, religion and any other form of help outside of the fact that this IS a spiritual possession, will NOT allow for complete freedom forever. In other words...all addictions have to be for the rest of your life unless you follow the steps to recovery.

Well...we have complete freedom from this candy of the enemy. Simple as that. You too can have this freedom we are talking about. If in fact you are truly seeking this freedom, get our materials, work our programs and use our website ministry.

Is it Easy? NO! Is it simple? YES it is!