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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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This page contains answers to common questions asked about crack cocaine, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions. If your question is not answered here you can email us at:
camille @ crackcocainerecovery .com

How do I help a crackhead stop using crack?
Why doesn't God stop me from using crack
after asking and begging Him?

Who are Todd and Camille Gibson?
Where do I start the process of conquering crack?
How long does it take to conquer crack cocaine?
How do I know a person has conquered Crack?
Where can I join a support group?
What are the Crack Don'ts?

How do I help a crackhead stop using crack?

Conquering crack cocaine does not just involve the user. It starts with you obtaining knowledge and transforming that into power over how crack cocaine has entered your life. Then we plant a seed of hope and lovingly from distance, nurture it. While possessed, a user does not believe that there is a way out.

Why doesn't God stop a person from using crack when we have asked and begged Him too?

God will not stop a person from using crack. He won't because He made us with a free will. If God stops a person from using He would be a liar, and God will not become a liar. God will provide a person with the knowledge and guide this person to the right places and people to teach a person how to stop using crack. In reality how to stop crack is in scripture. The 75 Day program has all these scriptures listed in a daily format which makes it easier to find the scriptures that will get crack out of a persons life. We know this God does not want a person to smoke crack.

Who are Todd and Camille Gibson?

Todd Gibson was a crack cocaine user for ten years. It took him 2 1/2 years to beat his crack possession. Todd is married to Camille. Camille is a non-user and fought to have the man she fell in love with and won the battle over the war between crack and Todd. You can read both their stories by clicking on their name here:

Todd Gibson

Camille Gibson

Where do I start the process of conquering crack?

Starting the process

1. You must view the person you love as a human being who wants to stop smoking crack cocaine even if they say, “I do not want to stop”, they do.

2. Accept the fact that no one can do anything to make the person you love stop smoking crack cocaine. They must choose what works for them to stop smoking crack cocaine. If one way does not work for them, suggest another way.

3. Accept all progress as success, however small and insignificant it seems. When the person you love falls, allow them to pick themselves up from where they fell, and understand that they can apply all knowledge and progress they have obtained to continue "Their Program" for living life crack cocaine free.

4. Have faith in yourself and the person you love. The hardest obstacle in front of you is you. You have heard testimony that living life without crack cocaine is possible. Your experiences and the person you love experiences with adverse situations will provide the strength and desire for this new life without crack cocaine.

How long does it take to conquer crack cocaine?

This is not known. Everyone is different. For Todd it took 2 ½ years. We know some it is 2 years and some 25 years. We do not know anyone who has done it in less then a year but there might be someone who has. We do know this; it can be done. Everyone who reads these books; Devil’s Candy, 75 Days, Agape Love and I Love A Crackhead can live his or her life crack cocaine free! All these books are available though our Recovery Store just click link below.

Recovery Store

 ALL OF YOU - 100% - can be crack cocaine free forever!

How do I know a person has conquered Crack?

When, being accountable does not bother them. When,they do not fear crack cocaine. When, they are willing to help others attack and conquer crack cocaine. When, they can hold a job and manage their money, pay their bills and have fun. When, God and their family come first. When, they are happy with their accomplishments. When, they are at peace with themselves. When, you and family can trust them again. When they can live a crack cocaine free life without the assistance of meetings or anything else. When, they can live with themselves the way they are: then he/she are living his/her life crack cocaine-free.

Where can I join a support group?

We have a great support group you can join for those working the 75 Day Program or helping someone beat crack cocaine. Just click on the link below to our Freedom Forum/Group.


What are the Crack Don'ts?

1. Don't EVER let a crackhead have money.

2. Don't believe anything a crackhead says.

3. Don't leave valuables around the house when and if a crackhead is present.

4. Don't believe you are the reason they are possessed by crack cocaine.

5. Don't call their employer and make excuses for them.

6. Don't mask crack-possession with just an alcohol problem.

7. Don't give a crackhead access to ANY vehicle.

8. Don't buy presents for ANY known crackhead ever.

9. Don't allow anything but DIRECT DEPOSIT to an account they cannot access.

10. Don't be afraid to SAY crackhead.

11. Don't pay any bills, rent, food, check charges, crack-dealer debts, NOTHING.

12. Don't be afraid to confront their crack-behavior with truths and facts.

13. Don't allow a crackhead free-rent if you choose to let them live with you.

14. Don't protect a crackhead from crack-behavior consequences.

15. Don't offer more than "the streets" or "rehab"...that's it.

16. Don't chase them or crack cocaine. Pray for safe return.

17. Don't be afraid to call the police.

18. Don't accept calling or coming home late again - go sleep at the crack house.

19. Don't be inconsistent.

20. Don't focus on perfection...focus on progress.

21. Don't expect immediate 100% freedom.

22. Especially do not believe ANYTHING said from a crackhead-in-jail.

23. Don't be afraid to "PISS 'EM OFF".