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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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An Addiction Story

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I am a 31 year old single mother who spent 8 years with a crack addict. I was young and dumb about drugs when I met Scotty. I was living in a duplex in 1997. The couple in the other part of the house introduced me to their friend, Scotty over the phone. We talked every day, two or three times a day, for a month. We had many things in common and enjoyed talking to each other, so we decided to meet. I found him to be charming and very handsome. We hit it off. After we met, he continued to call me everyday. We decided to see each other again, and I invited him over for dinner. He didn’t show up. I was angry and decided to never accept his calls again. His mother, who I had never talked to, called me the next morning at 6:00. She was looking for him because he never came home. I didn’t know about his drug problem, so of course, I became very worried about him. I imagined him dead on the side of the road, killed on his way to see me. I felt guilty for being angry at him the night before. Hours passed and I called his mother. She said that he had come home, but did not elaborate. I asked if he was alright and she told me that Scotty had a bad drug problem. I was shocked. I knew nothing about cocaine, had never even met anyone who used it. I decided that I still wanted to see him. I told a co-worker everything and she told me that I was about to enter a nightmare. I blew her off. That was the biggest mistake of my life. We spent the next 8 years together. Though, he was in jail most of that time. When we were together it was only for a few weeks here or a few months there. He could not keep himself out of trouble. Then, after awhile, he started stealing from me.

First it was just a TV or microwave. But, then, it was money and my car. After we had been together for about 4 years he borrowed my car. He was gone for a week. I had to get his brother to come down and help me get Scotty back from Houston where he was smoking crack in a nasty crack motel. My car was found by police 2 months later. He had traded it for crack. Over the years he stole from me: 4 or 5 TVs, 3 VCRs, 3 microwaves, 2 stereos, an apartment full of furniture, clothes, birthday and Christmas presents from friends and family, thousands of dollars, and “rented out” three of my cars. When he wasn’t in jail he wouldn’t work to help support us. He stayed gone for days at a time. He had no concept of money matters. When I would tell him that I couldn’t give him money for crack he just couldn’t understand why. I guess he thought a little money fairy paid the rent and bills. There were times when I didn’t have money to buy food, but Scotty always found a way to get money for beer, cigarettes and crack. I got pregnant in 2002. While I was in the hospital in labor, Scotty spent $1000.00 of the money I had been saving for my maternity leave. All on crack, beer, and cigarettes. I was alone during much of the 41 hours of labor that I endured. He wouldn’t stay with me. He only visited us once after the baby was born- for 10 minutes. For the first 3 weeks of my child's life Scotty came home only to take a shower, eat, and sleep. He did not help me with the baby at all. He would not even watch the child long enough for me to take a shower. His entire life was devoted to crack.

The last two years of our relationship, Scotty became violent. That’s when I finally decided to leave him. It took two years for me to get him out of my life. He simply would not leave. I locked him out, he broke back in. I had the police arrest him, he just came right back. He finally broke in my apartment one morning and split my head open. He is now in prison for 12 years. I have a scar in the middle of my forehead and in my heart. My child is emotionally scarred as well. I will never forgive myself for bringing a child into that life. It’s over now for us. It was truly a nightmare. Cocaine is evil. I don’t think Scotty will ever stop using. I’m sure he can get all he wants in prison. His is a wasted life. It’s very sad.

Thank you for listening. Sara