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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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Why Is Crack Cocaine So Addictive?

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It is so difficult to stop smoking crack cocaine because the cravings are so overwhelming. This journey to finding a life crack cocaine free becomes serious when we stop accepting being simply an addict, and when we do not care how to make crack cocaine, or look for pictures of crack cocaine addiction, or search for recipes for better crack rocks and not make excuses NOT to seek crack cocaine recovery help, or say who does crack cocaine, or freebase coke, or worry how cocaine crack is backwards, or wishing for the effects of crack cocaine, or any other crack addiction or crack cocaine behaviors, actions or thoughts is when we finally see some light in the darkness of the crack abyss and seek true help for this addiction. Does crack cocaine bring joy? Does crack cocaine care? Does using crack cocaine promote God? Are you just an addict addicted to a disease of addiction to crack cocaine? The effects of crack cocaine are so strong, we do not care about getting help or anything but using crack cocaine again and again and cannot wait to get more and more until we transform into a possessed crackhead with a demonic addiction!

Why is crack cocaine, so addictive?

The enemy has a powerful tool he uses. It is called doubt. Go ahead it won’t hurt you and you will have the greatest time ever. And Oh, Yeah no one will find out!

The enemy does not reveal his plan and that is to steal all you have, to kill the user and destroy all who care.

He plants doubt that the user will never rid them selves of crack cocaine so they might as well continue to smoke crack cocaine. They have already have ruined everything in their life. The enemy knows if a person dies high on crack, they are forever to live in his kingdom. Doubt brings us to give in to temptation.