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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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You Stopped Gazing at the Stars

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You stopped gazing at the stars and smelling the roses even seeing and feeling the love I wanted to give you. The trust I once had left as you lied once again.

I lost myself and became someone else I never was in all of my life and didn't like in my trying to help you.

The crack has the control to hold your heart and soul not I. The lure of the people of the night meant more as you searched for the rock without a glance back at the ones left behind.

Love, respect, trust, jobs, money, family, and friends faded away as you gave your all to the glass pipe you hold. You manipulated and lied to run and hide so you could come high.

Fights and bitter words between your love ones came more and more with increasing pain for all. They have fear in their hearts and tears in their eyes as you walk away for your fix with another promise this is my last time.

Stolen hearts causing such pain, stolen items, stolen money, renting a car for crack, debiting money, using another's credit cards, and lies destroy the trust and carved away at their love for you over time.

You gave no thought of their needs or the pain this caused their lives. Making love to the glass pipe that gives nothing back becomes your purpose in life.

May God have mercy on your soul as your life goes up in useless smoke.

Crack is of the Devil and has you. Try to let go because you can with God's help.