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 Helping the person I love who is addicted and possessed by Crack Cocaine.

1. I must view the person I love as a human being who wants to stop smoking crack-cocaine. Even if they say I do not want to stop, they do.

2. I accept the fact that no one can do anything to make the person I love stop smoking crack-cocaine. They must choose what works for them to stop smoking crack-cocaine. If one way does not work for them, I will suggest another way.

3. I will accept all the progress however small and seemingly insignificant it seems to me, as success. When the person I love falls, I will allow them pick to themselves up from where they fell, and understand that they can apply all knowledge and progress they have obtained to continue "Their Program" for living life crack-cocaine free.

4. I will have faith in myself and the person I love. The hardest obstacle in front of me is myself. I've heard testimony that living life without crack- cocaine is possible. My experiences and the person I love experiences with adverse situations will provide the strength and desire for this new life.





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