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Should We Ignore Satan?

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Many people say they don't want to talk about the devil so as not to bring any glory to him. However, the Bible does not teach that we are to ignore the devil so he will flee, but rather we are to resist the devil so he will flee (James 4:7).

How are we to resist the devil? We resist him by using the Word of God against him. We must talk about the devil if we are to understand how to overcome him and expose his evil ways. We cannot defeat an enemy we ignore. The way in which people talk about the devil is what causes an imbalance. If it produces fear, it is not the Lord.

Being overly demon-conscious can cause fear. Some people get so devil-conscious, they begin seeing demons in everyone and everything. This is an extreme which should be avoided. Yet we should not go to the other extreme which totally denies the existence of the devil, demons and eternal hell.

In fact, this extreme is one of Satan's favorite devices: the belief that he and his horde of demons do not exist. He would like for us to believe that he is just a myth (a silly-looking man in a red costume with a long tail). However, he is very real, and one look around will show us the works he is responsible for: the drug scene, violence, sickness, sexual perversion, broken homes, hatred among races, witchcraft, sin and division within the body of Christ.

Satan tries to escape the blame for his evil deeds by whispering lies to people, such as, "This problem only happened because you live in the world and these things are just part of this world so you might as well accept them. As long as you are here you are going to have to put up with sickness, turmoil etc." However, God says: "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). We do not have to put up with Satan's evil attacks against us and our loved ones; through prayer we can overcome him just as Jesus overcame.

(Excerpt from the book entitled Exposing Satan's Devices)

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