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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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I Love A Crackhead

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Over the years of our Ministry I have reached out to offer help to quite a few people. Along the way I have told bits and pieces of my story. Recently, I have felt compelled to share my own crack cocaine journey, in the hope that it might help others. I realized this would be a daunting task if I were to tell all. One that would require me to expose old wounds and re-live painful events. Events, that I had been determined to put behind me.

After Todd's many grueling years of being a crackhead, the family would always ask me 'the big question' (like I had the answer) will he make it this time? Because it was I who said I was sure he'd make it one of these times.

Crack cocaine is an entity. Truly evil with a mission to kill the user & destroy all those they love. Scatted within these pages is an arsenal filled with weapons, tools and armor. Gather them up, they just might make the difference between life & death.