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Let go and let God

Let go of all your worries,
Let God see you through;
Just turn it over to Him,
Then they will be so few.

He's there just for the asking,
As we pray to Him each day;
To help us climb the mountains,
That might get in our way.

So when troubles fall upon us,
Get down upon your knees;
He'll lift your spirits upward,
If only you'll say, "Please."

"Help me, God, I need you now,
Don't ever go away;
Your precious Son, my Jesus,
His life for me did pay."

So, today, I will let go,
And let God have it all;
Then tomorrow I'll look back,
And say, "It seemed so small."
Faith is not believing that God can,
it is knowing that He will......
to the family of

Paul Matthew



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