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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
share's how to get crack cocaine out of your life forever

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Life of a Crackhead

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Description of Picture.How to stop smoking cack cocaine

My crystal rock of cooked powder coke was placed in a pipe to send the contaminating smoke inside my body to converse with my soul and spirit. The proposition was to possess all of my character and moral values. I could not pass this up. I craved the rush that cannot be described and is beyond normal human comprehension. The craving for this drug has such a euphoric possession it goes past boundaries set by natural laws for living, and living crack-free forever while being in complete contrast with each other - euphoria or possession. The anxiety during the chase to get just a small piece of crack is insane and so intense, followed by depression so deep you could kill. I know of not one treatment center or method of help for an addict with this addiction, that addresses anywhere near the description of the crack-high that all programs that say they can help and have knowledge of, but refuse to be the new and alternative or out of the ordinary go against the conventional insurance backed facilities that depend on failure to overcome this substance that must be from the enemy, known in some circles as the fallen angel with a first name of Lucifer. Help becomes elusive. What help will help? Is this just an addict with an addiction or possession or both?


Once upon a time there was a crack in my life, crack cocaine that is.

To believe that the pull and overwhelming urges to smoke crack cocaine are just an addict with an addiction or plain substance abuse could be a couple of the reasons why so many crack-heads have such a difficult time resisting this horrible insidious candy from hell and actually look for help. So can we then say that this stuff is the devil's candy ? We can. Is that what it really is? It could be if we keep it simple. It cannot be that simple. Yes it can. Counselors, certified staff members and treatment doctors in facilities that offer help in abstaining only, say you will spend your lifetime in recovery do not believe past 12 step addiction arresting, or the AA--CA--NA way. They say these are the only ways to help an addict find freedom (or in recovery language) "to arrest your addiction" and hold onto to your past ways so as to not repeat them along with remembering your last high and celebrating an addict with an addiction sobriety birthday. They tell you to go to meetings to help an addict in treating this so called disease. Without being labeled a disease, insurance will not cover much except maybe a 28 day stay in a facility that does not help in addressing anything more than groups, meetings, sponsorship and remaining "powerless" over defined clinical addiction as stated in the very 1st step of any 12 step program. We have to admit we are powerless. This goes directly against God's word which clearly states that we have power over all things through God by accepting Jesus Christ as God's son who did live, did die and did rise to live again and sent the Holly Spirit to help us with any and ALL types of addiction. Faith in this is the trigger in stopping the madness of being an addict who smokes crack cocaine. This paragraph is used with permission from the author

It is not in any religion that an answer can be found. Answers start to formulate when we develop a relationship with printed words of powerful healing truths. Scriptures are just one place where they can be found. Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be. Smoking crack cocaine will destroy everything you ever thought, felt, desired, loved or believed in. The insanity of smoking crack-cocaine and doing nothing else but that, every awake moment of everyday is maddening. Smoking crack cocaine will devour everything and everybody that is willing to let it. Crack cocaine holds no boundaries. It does not care about your age, or your race, or your status and could care less as to what you do, how you live and if you ever seek help for being an addict. Nothing gets in the way of crack cocaine once it has possession. Standard treatment does not address or help the extreme possession that does occur during crack cocaine use. From experiences and truths, we need to be careful if we treat crack cocaine and being an addict just like any other drug and simple addiction. Crack cocaine does take you over and possess your body, mind and spirit. Crack cocaine goes as far as completely possessing and then completely destroying your body, soul and spirit. Giving in to the urges to smoke crack cocaine is such a vicious cycle controlled by a power that wants nothing more than to possess and destroy all life, even by flying planes filled with people into buildings filled with more people.

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