Crack Cocaine Recovery
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Must Do List
1.  Research and study both our websites: and

2.  Listen to a Recorded Radio Show every day: 75 Day Radio Show List Page

3.  Join our Support Group and participate daily:
Support Group

4.  Follow The Crack Don’ts exactly as described:
The Crack Don'ts

5.  Believe our 13 Beliefs have the power to conquer crack:
13 Beliefs

6.  Purchase  our Guaranteed Quit Crack Power Tools:
Quit Crack

7.  Get your FREE Journal to use w/75 Day Program:
FREE Journals

8.  Call us for instructions before a crack episode catastrophe.
Contact Us

9.  Recruit a Crack Attacking Team:
Questions and Answers

10.  Listen to Todd's music:
Todd's Music

I Love a Crackhead eBook by Camille Gibson
"I Love A Crackhead"
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