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"I Love a Crackhead"
by Camille Gibson
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My Honey

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While I was thinking of our future,
You were thinking of our demise.
You lost your faith and love in me,
So whom do I turn to now?
I’m hurting so bad and I’m so very tired,
I wish sometimes I would just disappear.
When you are alone and you wish someone were near,
Just remember how much you once loved me, my dear.
I begged and I pleaded for you not to go,
And now I sit here afraid and alone.
“I can’t make you love me if you don’t”
“I can’t make your heart feel something it won’t”
Inside my heart, you’ll always remain.
That makes me think of that night in the rain.
I’m left very sad and very, very blue.
I know I made mistakes, but honey so have you.
No matter how I acted or how I made you feel,
I know one thing is for sure,
My love for you will always be pure.

Oh, one more thing,


I wish somehow you could have found and wanted it in your heart.

-- To My Honey